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about us

About us

After more than 25 years of experience,

rather than identifying with a single method,

I prefer to use my knowledge and include all methods to adapt to each situation.​

I have a very good result on back pain and everyday problems.

I take care about the whole person from a physical and psychological point of view. 

Intuition, adaptivity and variety are every day rules to bring playfull exercises.

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A Healthier You



Feel Good, Look Good


Feel Good, Look Good


A Healthier You

Couple heureux

Vos séances nous ont rendu nos 20 ans
ou presque) !

Un immense merci Frank pour les petits miracles que vous avez réalisés avec nous à Panama!

A un peu plus de 50 ans nous pensions devoir vivre avec des maux divers nous empêchant de faire tout sport jusqu’à la fin de votre vie...

De façon incroyable et ultra rapide vous êtes arrivé à diagnostiquer le nerf, le muscle coupable qui nous rendait la vie misérable et vos séances nous ont rendu nos (presque) 20 ans!

Merci aussi pour votre gentillesse et votre humour de Corse-Savoyard unique!  

—  Gaëlle et Stéphane. Panama. 2021—

about me


Everyone Needs Exercise for Good Health

Franck Radet Wellness & Movement Singapore Training Coach

Graduated by the French Sports Council as Fitness Teacher in 1994, I was soon interested in people who needed special attention like people suffering back pain, pregnant women, ederly people but also in those who don't especially like sports. Because everyone needs exercise for good health.

I studied the worldwide recognized methods: Feldenkrais, Mezieres, Pilates, De Gasquet and Jacobson where I discovered the same core values and awareness. I was trained in Switzerland for 3 years by Selvarajan Yesudian, a top Master of Yoga. I also studied the Chinese Medicine at IMTC, including Chinese massage. I graduated in 1997.


After 18 years of experience in wellness and gym centers in Paris, France, I decided to create my own company. 

I lived in Singapore for 5 years, then 3 years in Panama City and now I am living in Mexico City.



“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

 - Mark Twain -

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Platon 327, Polanco Seccll, Miguel Hidalgo

CP 11530 Mexico City

+52 55 4961 4760

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